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“Fear” is a normal reaction to something that is usually considered a real danger. Such as the possibility of being physically hurt. But the word “phobia” is used to describe a fear that is either excessive, or not logical. To someone suffering from a particular phobia, certain dangers may even be imagined.

Phobias can affect men, women, children, adults, and people from any part of the world. Symptoms of phobia may include intense feelings of panic, terror, or dread. Symptoms may even be physical, in the form of shaking, shortness of breath, or a strong urge to leave the area or situation. In some cases, to try to avoid certain places or situations. Even though some people realize that they have a phobia, they can’t change how their fears make them behave.

Phobias may include:

  • Fear of animals (dogs, bugs, mice, snakes)

  • Fear of closed spaces such as likes elevators

  • Fear of being in crowded areas

  • Fear of speaking in public

  • Fear of being watched by others

  • Fear of heights

However, many people can overcome their phobias for years or the rest of their lives, with the right treatment.

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