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Adjustment Disorder (Stress Response Syndrome)

As most people know, feeling sad or hopeless after going through a stressful event can be a common thing. But for people who suffer from adjustment disorder, the reaction to this event may be much more severe than that of most people.

Unlike the typical stress that people may feel after a major life event, the symptoms of adjustment disorder can have a severe impact on your life. This condition may affect your work life, home life, or socializing with others. This disorder can affect men and women, teens, adults, and seniors.

Symptoms may include feelings of nervousness, tension, acts of defiance to others, impulsive behaviors, crying, sadness, hopelessness, and not wanting to spend time with other people as often as normal.

Types of events that can lead to adjustment disorder:

  • Death of someone you love

  • Relationship problems or divorce

  • Major changes to your life in general

  • Someone you love having health issues

  • Personal medical problems you’ve had

  • Losing your job or switching to a new one

  • Moving to a new home or different city

  • Being a victim of crime or assault

  • Dealing with a natural disaster (hurricanes, etc)

  • Having a baby

If untreated, adjustment disorder may lead to major depression. It has also been known to lead to substance abuse problems (drugs or alcohol), as people with the disorder try to cope with their feelings.

But there’s hope for people who suffer from adjustment disorder. Adjustment disorder is very treatable. The goal of treatment is the elimination of symptoms and a return to full functioning.

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